Marble Merge brings you a refreshing and original action puzzle game designed only for the iPhone. Touch, move and stack marbles as they fall while you merge them in a frantic frenzy of action and strategy.

There's something here for everyone. Normal mode for those short boring moments offering fun gameplay easy on the brain. Hard mode for anyone seeking a mental workout or the classic survival mode for the hardcore gamers.

Still want more? Then play any of the bonus mini games that are jam-packed with action specifically designed to test your skills to the limits.

If you're looking for a genuinely original and fresh puzzle game then Marble Merge is the game for you. A must-have for any arcade puzzle action fan!


- Fast, fun and original puzzle game

- Easy, hard and survival modes

- Saved game function

- Marble Magnet, Roto Match and Marble Shooter mini games

- All modes with Top 10 High Score Tables

- Rattle the marbles with iPhone shake feature [ trust us, you'll need it :) ]

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