Welcome to Superstar Games!

Superstar Games is an Independent Games Developer which was founded by Games Industry professionals. We aim to make original games that players can enjoy.



Football Keepy Uppy Champion - FREE

Football Keepy Uppy Champion is a game about keeping multiple footballs up in the air. if they drop then it's GAME OVER!

Touch Force - FREE

Touch Force is a fresh spin on the shoot’em up genre. It has totally unique controls and game-play, especially designed for touch screens. If your are a fan of shoot’em ups or not, Touch Force is sure to keep you entertained.

Marble Merge 

Marble Merge brings you a refreshing and original action puzzle game designed only for the iPhone. Touch, move and stack marbles a s they fall while you merge them in a frantic frenzy of action and strategy.

Munkey Vs Ninjas

The Ninjas want Munkey out of the forest but Munkey won't give in that easy! How does a Munkey defend himself against such unfair odds? With BOMBS of course!