Welcome to Superstar Games!

Superstar Games is an Independent Games Developer which was founded by Games Industry professionals. We come together for projects when we believe they are worth doing:)

Our Games

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Birds...lots of birds, NO, not Flappy Bird clones:)

Football Keepy Uppy Champion - FREE

Football Keepy Uppy Champion is a game about keeping multiple footballs up in the air. if they drop then it's GAME OVER!

Touch Force - FREE

Touch Force is a fresh spin on the shoot’em up genre. It has totally unique controls and game-play, especially designed for touch screens. If your are a fan of shoot’em ups or not, Touch Force is sure to keep you entertained.

Marble Merge 

Marble Merge brings you a refreshing and original action puzzle game designed only for the iPhone. Touch, move and stack marbles a s they fall while you merge them in a frantic frenzy of action and strategy.

Munkey Vs Ninjas

The Ninjas want Munkey out of the forest but Munkey won't give in that easy! How does a Munkey defend himself against such unfair odds? With BOMBS of course!